home aged finish about aged finish
  • For our aged series we have developed unique techniques and special varnishes.
  • These skills give our instruments a true long time used look and feel.
  • The very authentic looking aged series is available in three different versions.

type of aging description
1. SOFT AGED Sightly worn, some scratches and minor damages, like 10 years on stage.
2. HARDCORE AGED Heavily played, worn and torn surface, slightly aged nickel hardware, like 20 years on stage.
3. HARDCORE AGED RESERVE Same as hardcore aged including slightly aged fretboard and an aging at all neck sides.
All RESERVE built basses have worn pickup covers and getting thermo treatment.
4. HARDCORE AGED MASTERPIECE Very intensive and detailed aging including strongly aged nickel hardware and aged neck.
All MASTERPIECE built basses are getting vibration treatment and thermo treatment to reach an authentic old school sound. 30 years on stage.

yearlong experience gives chris the skills to do all the aging each guitar is individually aged by hand fretboard aging - one of the exclusive features of the "hardcore-aged masterpiece" finish
the hardcore aged masterpiece series features the strongly aged nickel hardware special custom build tools and liquids are being used during the aging processpolishing up the torn surface to give it a true authentic feel and look

hardcore aged masterpiece hardware hardcore aged masterpiece bridge hardcore aged masterpiece matched head roquefort blue
hardcore aged masterpiece hardware detail hardcore aged masterpiece fretboard
hardcore aged masterpiece headstock