image of Mendez trying bass sounds

New Signature Bass of Martin Mendez

This Summer, Martin Mendez, bass player in Swedish prog metal giants OPETH stopped by our workshop.

For years, Martin has SANDBERG basses in his arsenal and was using them live and in the studio for a long time. Earlier this year, he approached us with some specific ideas about a new bass, based on a SANDBERG California 4 string with a 34” scale length.

Martin Mendez in the Sandberg Workshop

We spent two days in our Workshop in Braunschweig and went thru a lot of different woods, wood combinations, and discussed specs and pickup configurations.
Martin was well prepared and had specific ideas about his new bass and so we made a good process within the two days.

Image of concentrated Martin Mendez
image of Mendez while testing Sandberg Basses

Getting the Sound

Martin spent a lot of time with our pickup testing bass moving pickups back and forth to find his sweet spot and the exact sound he was looking for. He wanted a classic and traditional sound with a certain bite!
Finally it’s a Delano JMVC pickups set in a special position that is a little bit closer to the bridge.

Martin was pretty sure about alder being the right body wood. That is the sound he is used to and what works perfect for his musical environment.

image of Mendey choosing the right body wood
Mendey producing the bass neck

Choosing wood and finish

For the neck he decided to go for a Canadian hard rock maple and an ebony fretboard. Both woods are very hard and give the bass a nice bite and fast attack.

The finish of the bass is a beautiful soft aged virgin white with a matching head that, along with the black hardware, looks pretty classy.

image of Mendez with his signature bass
image of the Martin Mendez Signature Bass

Here is the full spec list




6 bolted / canadian hardrock maple


ebony, 22 frets




soft aged virgin white, matching head


lightweight aluminum machine heads, SANDBERG bridge


Delano JMVC pickups


Volume, Balance, Tone